Kizad - Khalifa

Kizad – Khalifa Industrial Zone Abu Dhabi

KIZAD-Khalifa Industrial Zone is a trade and logistics hub in Abu Dhabi, UAE, providing diverse business solutions for manufacturing, logistics, trade, and distribution sectors.

Kizad - Khalifa

Kizad – Khalifa Industrial Zone Abu Dhabi Details

KIZAD, situated in the center of Abu Dhabi, is an all-in-one trade, logistics, and industrial hub. It provides a diverse array of business solutions, spanning manufacturing, logistics, trade, and distribution activities.

KIZAD enjoys the advantage of direct access to Khalifa Port, with connections to over 50 worldwide destinations.

Benefits of KIZAD include its integrated approach, offering comprehensive business solutions for various activities. The direct link to Khalifa Port and its connections to 50+ global destinations provide businesses with a strategic location to facilitate trade and logistics operations. Additionally, KIZAD offers a business-friendly environment, making it an attractive destination for investors seeking to establish a presence in Abu Dhabi.

Location Benifits

Benefits of Setting Up a Company in: KIZAD

Leasing Options

KIZAD offers pre-built warehouses and offices along with light industrial units and land for development.

Cargo Hub

KIZAD offers a number of commercial advantages, including exceptional supply chain efficiencies.

Range Of Activities

KIZAD is home to a wide range of sectors including aluminum, automotive, engineered metals, and others.

Strategic Location

KIZAD is within easy reach of four major highways and four international airports and more benifits.

Business Activities

Here Are Some of The Most Popular Options




Catering Services



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